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Rule 1

Dugout-Militaria understands some of the artifacts listed in our catalog may be deemed sensitive by some. Dugout-Militaria does not support or glorify Nazism, fascism or any other dictatorial regime or destructive ideology. We present all artifacts in their original historical context to historians, private collectors, museums and archives.

Rule 2

ALL items sold by Dugout-Militaria are sold as "Collectibles" and ALL the responsibility of and for their use or misuse of any and all merchandise purchased, bartered, traded, given or sold to, is assumed by the purchaser. By buying from us you agree to ALL terms and conditions listed herein.

Rule 3

We are not providing your email address or any info to anyone. They are keept in our database and only if you have agreed to receive our news letter, you will receive infos from us apart from the ones dealing with buisness matter. If you want your info to be remove, please just ask us and we will remove it, in this case you will need to register again at your next purchase.

Rule 4

In case one of the object you bought is not coresponding to our description, you can call/writte us to solve the issue. When we take it back, we will gladly reimburse you minus the post fees. You will have to ship it back same way as we ship it to you, insured and register.




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